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Going Inward to Explore

woman with her eyes covered and a third eye painted on her forehead
woman holding her hands above a candle

Do you ever wonder what’s really out there and possibly connected to you? 

I sure have and as I began to explore…I learn a few tricks. 

This is a psychic reading…but probably not like one you’ve done before. 

I hold the belief that we all are capable of connecting to the other side of the veil. In this reading we will do just that…and you’ll do it too.

As with all my readings, this reading is meant to assist you with your own exploration in this area and give you guidance on what rabbit holes or avenues you should explore next.

The readings are donation based, with a suggested donation of between $50-100 USD. Think of it as a sliding scale. I want anyone who wants to learn this knowledge to be able to.

Whether you are new to meditation or a seasoned practitioner, having a personal one-on-one session can help keep you accountable and enrich your spiritual or mental health practice. 

You can choose between a 30 min and 60 min session. In each session, we will chat for a bit about what is going on in your life and decide on the topic we want to meditate on. This could be from relieving stress to working with your chakras. 

Nothing in this session is pre-recorded. I will lead you in a guided meditation and use what visuals come to me to create it in real-time. Afterward, we will take a few moments to talk about how you feel and how you can best continue your meditation practice. 

This service is donation based. Suggested amounts are $25 for 30 min and $50 for 60 min.

flower and stones
person meditating by the ocean at sunset

Get a personalized tool for your spiritual journey.

I use my spiritual gifts and intuition to create a personalized meditation by connecting to your spirit guides.

You can choose from guided or subliminal. Meditations last from 15-20 min.

Topics offered: Love, healing, blockages, career, decisions, self-love, release, affirmations, and shadow self.

This service is donation based. Suggested donation is $10-44.

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