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What is an Astronaut of Life?

An Astronaut of Life is a person who is eager to explore their inner universe. All answers can be found within, and until we learn to look inside we will never know where our truth comes from.

When we begin to look inward, we learn not only who we truly are, but that we are all One.

All you need to explore your inner universe is an open mind and a desire to know more.

Astronaut of Life focuses on using the modality of meditation to go inward. It is through this spiritual tool we can access the universe within us.

We offer meditations for free on YouTube and Insight Timer, as well as personalized recorded meditations, meditation readings, and personal live meditation sessions. 

All of our meditations are made by Joy, who is a certified meditation teacher and chakra healing practitioner.

We also work with spiritual businesses by making meditations that allow their clients to utilize meditations on their journey as well.

Every meditation is made with the energy of love. The visualizations used are based on Joy’s own experiences or visuals she receives from her guides.

Do you dare to explore?

How My Spiritual Journey Began

photo of Joy Brown

My spiritual journey began in 2016 when I decided to go to therapy for my anxiety disorder and depression. I knew it was time I needed to heal and release all the trauma I had gone through in the past. At this point in my life, I considered myself an atheist having left a life of organized religion. 

My therapist suggested I learn meditation as a coping skill to use for my anxiety. I took a class on how to meditate and it is here where I feel my spiritual story began. 

I eventually didn’t need therapy anymore and moved on with my life, moving across the United States to Oregon. While there, I met amazing people who seemed to know something I didn’t, and I asked them questions and they pointed me to teachers like Dolores Cannon, Neville Goddard, and the like. I began going down rabbit holes, questioning my beliefs and eventually surrendering to Source.

It was during this transformation I saw my world fall apart yet again, but this time I was able to rebuild it how I wanted. I became a digital nomad and began traveling in Central America. I was in Colombia when COVID hit, and got a job there right before the lockdowns. The stress of that time was hard on me, and my meditation practice took a back seat. I fell into old patterns and reverted to what felt “safe.” 

After two years of living in Colombia, and building a life here, I had a meditation experience that shifted everything. While I was in meditation I was hit with a beam of unconditional love that blew away all the illusions I had built to make me feel stable. I was shaken to the core of my being and saw the truth of my reality and life. 

While so many positive things happened during my time in Colombia, at the core I did not deal with the pain and confusion I had felt at the beginning of the pandemic. With the illusions gone, I could see my soul's desire, and it was not in Colombia. 

It took a  few months of deep inner work and reflection to help me transition my life yet again. I can now say I am on a new timeline, one where I am ready and eager to discover myself and my mission here on Earth. 

My love for meditation and finding answers within is stronger than ever. My focus now is on energy, and following alignment with the energy of my higher self. This is what I want to share and show the world, that all you seek can truly be found within. We as humans are shown and taught that we have to look outside of ourselves for the Truth, but really, the Truth is always with us, deep inside ourselves, in a place of unconditional love. 

I’m eager to see what this next chapter in life will bring. I’m ready to explore the world again but more importantly, explore my inner world more fully. 

large waterfall in Oregon
photo of Mexico City, Mexico
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