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Meeting My Future Children

small baby in pink clothes crawling with a blue background

In the fall of 2022 my now husband and I meditated with the intention of meeting our future children. We were just beginning our journey with starting a family so it seemed like a great way to start.

man and woman sitting on a green couch meditating

Once I entered a meditative state I was met by a little girl. She was very excited and was very close to me, which for me symbolized that she was coming into my life very soon.

I watched her jump and dance with excitement, so glad to finally "meet" me. I took in her energy, her presence, sending it straight to my heart. I could sense she had an innocence about her, a zest for life, a creative, joyful spirit. She told me she wanted to be called Grace and was very excited to be joining us on Earth.

I could tell she wanted my attention and was eager to spend time with me, but I could also sense a presence behind her, which symbolized another soul that was meant to be my child.

I asked her if there was another, and she said yes. She moved aside so-to-speak and I was met with a completely different soul/energy. This soul was old, older than my own, and would take a male form. He seemed quiet and wise, and I felt a bond I cannot describe. I believe my soul knows him on a level I'm not fully aware of yet. I felt two other children beyond him, but they were very far away.

We gave birth to Grace in September of 2023. We are waiting a while before we try for our second baby.

-Joy Brown

Founder of Astronaut of Life

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